We are an experienced team of Allied Health professionals committed to providing evidence-based collaborative services. We will work with you and your support network to assist you to achieve your goals and maximise your ability to participate independently in everyday life.

Allied Therapy Services clinicians have a minimum 5 years experience so you can be confident you're working with an experienced clinician. Our team are committed to ongoing professional development to ensure we are providing services in line with best practice. We thoroughly enjoy what we do and look forward to working with you as a part of your team.

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Our Ballarat Team

Capacity: Able to take on new clients.

Naomi Doody / Director & Occupational Therapist

Naomi has worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 10 years in the areas of public health and occupational rehabilitation. Naomi has experience working with people who have a neurological condition, difficulties with memory and thinking (cognition), and assisting with equipment and home modification needs. Naomi has been involved in research looking at return to work and cognitive testing for people post stroke, and has an interest in spasticity management. 


Eliza Clare / Speech Pathologist

Eliza has ten years experience working as a speech pathologist across public and private settings including subacute, community, home-based, and private services. She has worked exclusively with adult clients and has a passion to see individuals empowered to realise their communication and swallowing goals. Eliza has particular interest in the areas of acquired and progressive neurological conditions. She is experienced in managing complex conditions involving disorders of communication and swallowing. 


Fiona Moore / Speech Pathologist

Fiona has over 25 years experience working as a speech pathologist in hospital, community and home-based rehabilitation, community health, palliative care, aged care and disability services. Speciality areas include working with school aged children, teens and adults with communication and swallowing disorders, assessment, prescription, programming and training for high and low technology communication aids/ devices and working with disabled adults with complex communication disorders and behaviours of concern.

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Sarah Macneil / Occupational Therapist

Sarah’s career as an occupational therapist spans more than 25 years.  During this time, she’s had a broad range of experience across a range of settings including acute, rehabilitation, community and occupational rehabilitation. Sarah’s clinical experience includes neurology and neurosurgery, visual impairment, ABI, orthopaedics, amputees and paediatrics, with particular expertise in progressive neurology, oncology, cerebral palsy, home modifications and equipment provision. 

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Emily Buchanan / Occupational Therapist

Emily joined the Allied Therapy Services team as an Occupational Therapist in October 2017. Her professional experience includes work within the acute, sub-acute, disability and primary care sectors as an Occupational Therapist, specialising in working with people with neurological conditions. She has led projects focused on improving service coordination and quality of care for people with chronic conditions. Emily has a Bachelor Degree in Occupational Therapy and a Postgraduate Master Degree in Public Health. Emily is a registered Occupational Therapist and an accredited PRINCE 2 Project Management Practitioner.  

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Lauren Van Ingen / Occupational Therapist

Lauren has been working with Allied Therapy Services since July 2018. After graduating in 2011 from Deakin University, Lauren has been working in the public sector across inpatient, community and hand therapy settings.This has involved working with clients with orthopaedic and age related conditions including general deconditioning, cognitive impairment, and fall risks. Lauren also has experience with amputee clients, and clients with both traumatic and degenerative hand conditions. Lauren enjoys in working closely with clients to achieve their goals. She uses her skills in applying cognitive strategies, equipment prescription and home modifications to achieve this. Lauren's work is enhanced by her ability to develop supportive and caring relationships with her clients.


Anne Roberts / Team Leader & Physiotherapist

Anne has worked as a Physiotherapist in both the public and private sector and has experience working with clients who have a neurological condition, general deconditioning or a mobility impairment. Expertise includes conducting falls and balance assessments, standardised mobility assessments and prescribing walking or mobility aids. Anne can provide you with an exercise programme that you, your family or your support network will be able to assist you with to maximise your independence.

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Lauren Woodhart / Physiotherapist

Lauren has worked as a physiotherapist for over 13 years, gaining a broad range of clinical experience in private practice, acute hospital settings, and community and home-based rehabilitation teams. More recently her clinical work has focused on neurological rehabilitation and falls prevention. Lauren has a passion for retraining movement and maximising independence in clients with complex neurological conditions. She values a team approach to therapy.


Sara Marwick / Exercise Physiologist

Sara has been working for last 12 years as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist in both community rehabilitation and community health as well as in the private sector. Sara has worked extensively to develop high quality exercise programs for people who have neurological conditions, acquired brain injuries, stroke, musculoskeletal conditions, chronic diseases, cancer and those that are deconditioned. Sara enjoys working together with her clients to optimise their level of physical function and to see them reach their goals. Sara is a strong advocate for exercise as management and prevention of chronic disease.


Rosie Nicholson / Physiotherapist

Rosie joined Allied Therapy Services in 2019. Rosie has always worked in a regional centre since graduating from Charles Sturt University in 2007.  She has also completed a Graduate Diploma in Neurological Rehabilitation in 2014. Rosie has experience in acute and sub-acute settings as well as in  community and home rehabilitation. She has had experience in falls prevention as well as treating clients with a neurologicalconditions.  Rosie has a specific interest in treating people following a stroke. Rosie takes a functional, holistic and evidence based approach to therapy and enjoys working with the wider multi-disciplinary team to help her patients achieve their goals and maximise their independence.