We are an experienced team of Allied Health professionals committed to providing evidence-based collaborative services. We will work with you and your support network to assist you to achieve your goals and maximise your ability to participate independently in everyday life.

Allied Therapy Services clinicians have a minimum 5 years experience so you can be confident you're working with an experienced clinician. Our team are committed to ongoing professional development to ensure we are providing services in line with best practice. We thoroughly enjoy what we do and look forward to working with you as a part of your team.

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Our Geelong Team

Capacity: Able to take on new clients.

Naomi Doody / Director & Occupational Therapist

Naomi has worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 10 years in the areas of public health and occupational rehabilitation. Naomi has experience working with people who have a neurological condition, difficulties with memory and thinking (cognition), and assisting with equipment and home modification needs. Naomi has been involved in research looking at return to work and cognitive testing for people post stroke, and has an interest in spasticity management. 


Ashlea Salter / Occupational Therapist

Since graduating from Deakin University in 2009 Ashlea has spent time working as an Occupational Therapist in Geelong, Melbourne and London. Ashlea has experience in public health working with adults with orthopaedic injuries, falls, deconditioning, cognitive impairment, amputees and chronic conditions. Having worked at TAC in Geelong and at a major trauma hospital in London, Ashlea has experience working with clients with traumatic injuries such as ABI and spinal injuries. Ashlea is interested in cognitive and learning strategies, community retraining, equipment prescription and home modification. 


Jamie Soldani / Occupational Therapist

Jamie graduated from Deakin University in 2010 and has worked in the public and private sectors, including the UK for two years. Jamie has experience working with people who have a neurological condition, memory and thinking difficulties, amputee and decreased functional ability. Jamie has worked in hand therapy in both public and private settings and can provide treatment including splint fabrication at a complex level. Jamie is experienced in equipment prescription, home modifications, activity modification, energy conservation, stress management, upper limb therapy, scar management and cognitive assessment and management.


Angharad Williams / Occupational Therapist

Angharad has worked for 15 years as an Occupational Therapist both locally and in the United Kingdom. She has worked within the rehabilitation sector for the majority of this time working with clients with a variety of disabilities including those following stroke, acquired brain injury, spinal cord injury and orthopaedic conditions. Angharad's services include activity of daily living assessment and rehabilitation, specialised equipment prescription, home modifications, upper limb and cognitive therapies.


Fiona Moore / Speech Pathologist (Colac & Geelong)

Fiona has over 25 years experience working as a speech pathologist in hospital, community and home-based rehabilitation, community health, palliative care, aged care and disability services. Speciality areas include working with school aged children, teens and adults with communication and swallowing disorders, assessment, prescription, programming and training for high and low technology communication aids/ devices and working with disabled adults with complex communication disorders and behaviours of concern.


Alison Christie / Speech Pathologist

Alison has worked for the past 12 years as a Speech Pathologist in community and home-based rehabilitation, community health and private therapy services. Alison is specialised in working with adults who have communication and/or swallowing disorders and has extensive experience working with clients after stroke, neurological conditions, intellectual disability and autism. Alison is experienced and competent in assessment, prescription, programming and education for high and low tech communication devices.

Laura Morrison.png

Laura Morrison / Speech Pathologist

Laura Morrison, is a Speech Pathologist who has over 6 years experience working with adult clients. While she has worked in Geelong and country Victoria for some time, she also has broad experience from her time working in London. She is passionate about setting functional goals with you to facilitate improved speech, language and voice which are all integral aspects of communication. Laura is also able to assist those who may have a swallowing impairment as she is highly skilled in this specialised area of Speech Pathology practise.


Thien Truong / Speech Pathologist

Thien has worked in the disability sector for the past 5 years and has experience providing assessment and therapy for people of all ages. Thien is very passionate about working with adolescents and adults, especially upskilling families and local disability services (e.g., Encompass, GenU) about communication. Areas of interest and expertise include dysphagia and AAC, (both light and high- tech). She enjoys conducting AAC trials, and supporting clients and families/significant others to choose devices suitable for their lifestyle. "The best part of my job is seeing people integrate AAC into their lives, and seeing the benefits of increased receptive and expressive language".


Connie Lombardo / Physiotherapist

Working as a physiotherapist for seven years Connie has a special interest and expertise in neurological rehabilitation particularly stroke, MS, balance disorders and falls and mobility issues. She is trained in the Bobath method and has experience in equipment prescription (transfer and mobility aids and wheelchairs). Connie enjoys working with clients and their carers/ support networks to ensure the promotion of safe and effective exercise and self-management strategies.


Anne Roberts / Team Leader & Physiotherapist

Anne has worked as a Physiotherapist in both the public and private sector and has experience working with clients who have a neurological condition, general deconditioning or a mobility impairment. Expertise includes conducting falls and balance assessments, standardised mobility assessments and prescribing walking or mobility aids. Anne can provide you with an exercise programme that you, your family or your support network will be able to assist you with to maximise your independence. 

Em Baird_BW.jpg

Emily Baird / Physiotherapist

Emily has worked as a physiotherapist for over 15 years, gaining a broad range of experience working with adults and children in community based, hospital, special school, and aged care settings. Emily enjoys working with clients and their families to help them achieve their goals through prescription of exercise programs, hydrotherapy, and providing specialist advice on equipment and mobility aids.

Angela Brommeyer.png

Angela Brommeyer / Physiotherapist

Specialising in working with people with neurological conditions, Angela has practiced as a Physiotherapist for over 10 years in Melbourne, London and Geelong. With experience across the whole rehabilitation journey, Angela’s expertise includes the Bobath method, hydrotherapy, exercise prescription, mobility aids and spasticity management. Angela is passionate about working with clients and their networks to maximise independence and achieve their goals.


Sarah Healy / Exercise Physiologist

Sarah has worked as an Exercise Physiologist since 2004 in Melbourne and Geelong. She provides exercise & technique education aimed to help improve quality of movement with gym and home based exercise programs. Sarah has had experience with a variety of conditions that can benefit from movement such as musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiovascular conditions. Sarah works with you to help you exercise to improve activities of daily living but also identify exercise that you can enjoy. 


Breda O’Kane / Physiotherapist

Working as a Physiotherapist for six years Breda has a special interest in Neurological rehabilitation. Breda enjoys helping clients achieve their goals, engage in the community and return to sport and exercise. She is passionate about working with clients and their support networks to promote independence. She has an special interest in Clinical Pilates and Hydrotherapy.


Kylie Boscolo / Physiotherapist

Kylie has worked for 10 years as a physiotherapist with experience in orthopaedics, trauma, spinal cordinjuries. Kylie is passionate about seeing people live a full life outside of Physio, volunteering with disabled Wintersport to assist people with a disability to experience snow sports. Kylie has experience in developing exercise programs, hydrotherapy programs, prescribing gait aids and wheelchairs.


Marita Woodhouse / Speech Pathologist

Marita has 14 years experience as a speech pathologist working across a range of inpatient and community settings in Australia and the UK. She is passionate about working with people to improve their everyday communication skills.